Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mojo Monday 440

Our well broke down today. We called a local company to come out and fix it but they weren't able to get here until about 4 p.m. Which was fine, except for the fact, that I did not shower yesterday. 

Too much info? 

I am normally a shower everyday kind of girl but yesterday was one those days where I had nowhere to be so, hey, why not slum it! I did accomplish a lot around the house but, today, I was totally regretting my lapse in hygiene. Especially since I had to make trips to Kroger, Aldi, the gas station and my kid's schools.

Let's just say that I was extremely happy when my well was back up and running this evening. After my shower, I decided to head upstairs to my craft room and work on a Mojo Monday sketch.

Products used:

White Daisy card base
Zoe Paper Pack
S1603 March 2016 Stamp of the Month: Sunshine Birdies
D1674 Zoe
Black and Slate Inks
3D foam tape

ShinHan Markers
Turquoise Blue, Light Orange, Leaf Green and Warm Grey 4  

Link to Mojo Monday

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